Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sam to 8 weeks!

Sam wrapped up!

Sam & Grandma

A happier cuddle

Bath with Dad - I couldn't have staged this pic if I had tried!! : )

Cuddle with Grandad

Snoozing with Monty

Ready for the road

Curious . . .

Sleeping in with Dad

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Baby Blog

This is going to sound like a very presumptuous post, but people are asking so we will answer.

What do you need for the baby?

Of course, we would most appreciate wishes of good health for our baby (and me during labour : ). We've had a healthy, uneventful pregnancy so far and have no reason to think that will change, but positive thoughts in our direction can never hurt.

For anyone interested in helping us prep and outfit our baby room (and let's face it, every room is the baby's room : ), here is a list of things that we still need / would like:

mattress pad (waterproof)
crib sheets + other linens

baby monitor (audio only)

baby seat or swing

diaper bag
diaper service (we are going with a cloth diaper service, but haven't decided which one yet - they cost about $25 week)

baby soap & shampoo
baby towels

rocking chair / glider (with ottoman)

baby clothes (no we don't know the sex) - sleepers, hats, socks, etc. Let's be honest, for the first few months all they need is jammies and they don't care what colour they are.

homemade baby food cookbook

children's books (your favourites that you've read to your kids, or from your own childhood)

The baby's room is painted a pale green, so we are decorating in creams, whites, and greens of any shade. Decor themes are: nature, outdoors, animals (like the Two Bad Mice, Mouse Guard, Where the Wild Things Are)

As you all know we are eco-conscious people, so we are super happy to receive second-hand, gently-used items (even on loan). Homemade anything is also awesome.

To save money on shipping, we are also happy to receive cash or gift cards for Babies R Us, IKEA, Superstore, or Walmart (not that we particularly support giant box stores, but the prices are right).

Many many thanks in advance for any thoughts and contributions you send. We love you all and can't wait for you to meet the new Tilgneroots!


Just for you Mom : )

Because my mom is not able to view our Flickr site from work (and she lives in the middle of nowhere for Internet access : ), I'm posting these pics just for her!

23 weeks

23 weeks + Dexter

25 weeks

25 weeks at Jason & Bonnie's wedding

David's 30th

Yep - it's happened. He's 30.

Fun : )

Carl came for a visit - which was almost a surprise, but David can sniff out a secret anywhere! Makes it very hard to surprise him. Anyway, it was a great time.

We went to White Rock for dinner. Great food. Cold weather.

We also had a party at our place. First bbq of the year! And there was a hockey game on (I don't think we won this time, though).

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cute Cat Pics

Because there just aren't enough of these on the Internet.

Dexter in a grocery bag.

Monty pulling the stoopid-ist face ever - but so funny : )

Dexter - comin' ta get ya!

Canucks v. Sens

For my birthday / Christmas gift David got me a Canucks jersey and tickets to the game against the Sens on December 28!! It was a great game - Canucks won : )

New Year's at Point No Point

We decided to celebrate the beginning of 2009 in a relaxed setting away from the city. We rented a cabin at Point no Point (introduced to us by Jason & Bonnie). It was quiet and fun and amazing. And we're going back again this year!!

At Point no Point there is no cell phone reception or internet access. There are no TVs or telephones in the cabins. There is a wood-burning fireplace and a private hot tub on the deck - what more could you need?!?

We had 3 couples, lots of good food and drink, a puzzle, and a bunch of games.

The view from the deck.

The puzzle that took 2 and a half days.


Jason & Bonnie

Lindsay & Tyler